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Trinity River Tails Farm

Cardigan Welsh Corgies

Specializing in AKC Show, Performance and Companion
Cardigan Welsch Corgis that can WORK!

Trinity River Cardigans was “officially” established in the summer of 2001. That is when we decided to add more Cardis to our life. Both Nathan and I come from farming and ranching backgrounds in Texas and have always had Cardigans to work the cattle on the ranch but they were work and family dogs…not exactly show quality. After much thought about what we would like to do with our lives, raising Cardis that have a show and work ethic really appealed to us. Thus it began. 

I was lucky enough to meet Rita Hellegers (Cornerstone Cardigan Welsh Corgis) in Florida and after much learning and effort I was able to adopt my first show puppy dog and absolutely fell in love! I could not ask for a better mentor and a first show puppy!  

We are building our foundation in Cardigans with wonderful working and show stock. We strongly feel that a Cardigan needs a job; whether it is keeping someone’s lap warm and cozy or bringing the sheep in from the back forty. 
Thus our goals are to morally and ethically raise Cardigan Welsh Corgis that deserve to be in the show ring but also excel in performance activities.  We strive to produce dogs that have the will to please and are structurally and functionally sound. 

Our dogs are screened for genetic defects and disorders and are evaluated via OFA evaluations for hip problems as well as CERF evaluation for eye anomalies and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA; line cleared and DNA tested).
ur main focus is to have dogs that are as healthy as they can be, well socialized, willing to please and work.

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