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About Us

About Us

Located halfway between Dallas and Houston in Centerville, Texas, our family farm is always busy and buzzing. Our family’s heritage installed the love for livestock, farming and sustainability; while our college careers brought us tighter and molded it into a passion for educating others about agriculture. In 2002, we set out to put it into practice and began our dream; so it began Trinity River Tails Farm. Moving back to the family homestead we began a life that allows us to truly be with family, produce quality livestock and educate others.

As our family grew our focus on life took us down many new paths. While the majority of the farm is still today, a traditional cow calf operation, we are diverse in our passions and out talents. What started out as a small 5 hive apiary, quickly grew after realizing the allergy reducing benefits of our honey to our children who had bad allergies. Hey Honey! was born and we haven’t looked back since. The original Dr. K (aka Nathan) is a scientist, educator, and all-around farm boy! His passion for animal nutrition and husbandry quickly turned into producing quality, healthy, strong bees and the apiary quickly grew from 5-50 hives. Hey Honey! is purely Texas, 100% raw, unpasteurized, honey. This leaves the pollen, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and various other nutrients that we wanted in our honey for its original use with our family. With children, life is a journey that has the potential to take you on a wild ride. So when our oldest son took to bees and wanted to do beekeeping s as a 4-H project, you can only imagine how excited Nathan was. We quickly grew the farm to 200+ hives and have plans to continue to grow this truly family business. Hey Honey! does participate in the “Real Texas Honey” program to help support and promote Texas bees, beekeepers, and youth.

The other Dr. K (aka. The boss, mom, Wimberley) while not so crazy about the beekeeping as Nathan; is passionate about, nutrition, health, kids and food. Whether it is trying new recipes with honey or just trying to get the kids to eat, you can bet something if not most of what’s on the plate came from the farm. Her passion for education, agriculture and animals led this crew to Krueger Quail for sure when she showed up with the first set of quail. The kids fell in love and farm chores like gathering eggs, butchering and feeding quickly turned to arguing about who gets to do what instead of the “do I have to….”. With research and ag background she is focused on producing not only quality eggs, and meat, but also preserving genetic characteristics and breeding nutritionally superior types of poultry in general. We are always on the go around the farm, trying to be better parents, beekeepers, cattle raisers, poultry producers, fixers of all things broken and stewards of the land.

Life is a journey- not a destination Ralh Waldo Emmerson