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Bee Removal

In the past few years we have been doing bee removals as a service to the communities we live and work in. They stretch from the Bryan/College Station, TX area, over to Madisonville, TX and up to the Centerville, TX area where we live. Our first priority in a removal is the safety of the person/persons calling for a removal. While here at the farm we love the bees, not everyone shares those feelings, and that's where we can help! BCS - Madisonville area - Centerville area removals

Service Price Service Information
Swarm captures $40.00 We capture the swarm and place it in a bee box and relocate them to one of our apiaries. Should a hive have taken up residence in your home or on your property, please contact us using the contact info below:
Service Call $50.00 We will gladly come out and take a look at your situation. If a removal is done, we will apply the fee towards that removal.
Removal $75.00 - $500.00 Price range is depending on the complexity of the removal. Please contact us to discuss your situation and see if a service call is needed.
**NOTE: we do removals. WE DO NOT DO REPAIRS**

Should we feel that a removal is beyond our capacity to do the job to our quality standards we will gladly provide you with the contact information of a fellow removal expert that can (in our minds) do the job.


We are always happy to discuss any additional questions you may have prior to doing a removal.

Email address:

Nathan's Phone: (979) 324-1160

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